Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Cauldron Has Spoken! We Have Our Kindle Fire Giveaway Winner!


So here we are at the very end of The Childe blog tour! After 5 weeks of blog post comments and Kindle Fire giveaway questions we've come to the announcement of who our lucky winner of the Kindle Fire is! First of all, we'd like to thank each and every one of you who commented, followed all the blogs, helped spread the word, and answered every question throughout the tour. You guys truly made this whole thing worth while :D 

Oh, and just so everyone knows, this is how we decided to do the final drawing of who won the grand prize: 

After it was all said and done, we had an eight way tie...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We had eight people who did EVERYTHING you could do to enter our contest, which made it really difficult for us to choose a winner. So, we left it up to luck and put those eight people's names into our lucky cauldron and drew out one name. We felt this was the fairest way since there was a tie.



Congratulations Mandy! Now, if you would please send your home address to we will send out your Kindle Fire ASAP :D 

Thank you all again for following along with the tour, we really can't thank you guys enough for all of your support! Oh, and keep an eye out for when we do our next blog tour for the third novel in The Childe Series :D 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Transfer Student Cover Reveal & Giveaway

So It is our esteemed pleasure to be one of the few blogs who have the opportunity to share with all of you the cover for author Laura A. H. Elliott's new YA novel, TRANSFER STUDENT! Also, there is a pretty nifty signed bookmark giveaway that is going along with it too ;) So without further ado:



TRANSFER STUDENT is a science fiction Freaky-Friday romance/adventure about two normal teenagers struggling to survive high school and deal with their parents… typical rites of passage. The twist? One teen is an alien from the planet Retha. In a galactic teleporting experiment gone wrong, Ashley, a Beverly Hills High surfing fashionista, and Rhoe, the biggest geek on planet Retha, swap lives. Only by surviving life as their biggest nightmare do Ashley & Rhoe discover their dreams. How far would you go for someone you love?


To enter to win all you need to do is tweet this:
Nothing says #ValentinesDay like an alien #romance! TRANSFER STUDENT Cover Reveal! #TransferStudent #teenreads #kindle

Then follow Laura A. H. Elliott's blog here

The first 100 tweets/followers win!  



Giveaways included on the tour will be free ebook copies of TRANSFER STUDENT, Amazon gift cards & weekly surprise gifts that are out of this world!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sealed With A Kiss

Carol’s First Kiss

Over thirty-six years ago, I went on my first date with Robert Joseph Kunz. My family and I were living in England at the time and I had just graduated high school. Not knowing what I wanted to do next with my life, I began working at the dining hall on the military base we lived on. Being one of very few single females, I was constantly being hit on by the guys, all except for Robert, who, even when we sat next to each other at the club one night, didn’t ask me to dance. I thought he wasn’t interested…until I got up to leave.
“May I walk you home?” a voice beside me asked above the loud music. It was Robert. 
Shocked, I agreed and we strolled the short distance to my house.
“Would you like to go out tomorrow night?” he finally asked after an awkward silence fell over us as we stood outside my front door. I nodded and he told me he would pick me up at 8. No kiss, not even an attempt at one. I walked into my house impressed, not depressed. Finally a guy who wasn’t all hands! 
The next night on a moonlit beach, with the waves gently lapping onto the sand, he kissed me!  Fireworks exploded and I instantly knew he was the one.
Eight months later, our lives were sealed with a kiss inside the military base’s chapel in front all of our friends and family. April 10th will be our 36th anniversary and I still absolutely love his kisses. :)

Cat and Ryan’s First Kiss

Cat had just shut her eyes when she heard a noise at her window. “Jewels, it’s about time you came back. You had me worried,” she said, grabbing her pink robe. Cat noticed the balcony was empty. A small rock hit the window from the outside, startling her. A dark shadow stood below and she could see by the moonlight, the figure wore a letterman’s jacket. After opening the window, she stepped out onto the balcony. 
“Cat! It’s Ryan,” he whispered forcefully, so that his voice would carry up to her.
“Ryan, what are you doing here? You’ll get into trouble! What about the curfew?” she asked confused.
“I don’t care about that! I was driving by and saw your dad carrying you into the house. I had to see you.”
“You were just driving by, at three in the morning?” Cat asked sarcastically.
“Yeah, can I come up?”
“Because I want to see if you’re all right! We’re friends aren’t we?” She nodded and motioned for him to come up as she sat down on the wrought iron bench. It seemed like only a second had passed before Ryan was standing in front of her.
How did he get up here so quickly? She thought to herself, still dizzy from all the tests at the hospital.
“Hey you’re looking really pale, shouldn’t you have stayed in the hospital?” Ryan asked as he sat down beside her and stared intently into her eyes.
“Is my hair a mess? Do I have something on my face?” she asked self-consciously wondering why he was staring at her.
“No, I’m looking at your eyes. Do you know your eyes are different colors? How stupid, of course you do. But I’ve looked at them before and never noticed.”
“Colored contacts, that’s my secret.  I just started wearing them this year. I didn’t want anyone to know about my defect. So I convinced my parents that I needed them.”
“Defect? But your eyes are so beautiful.”
“I…thank you,” she said, blushing.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked softly, taking her hand.
“I’m fine really, I am. So did you go to the dance?” Cat asked, trying to change the subject.
“Yeah, I hung out with some of the guys. Not Isaac though. Amelia demanded that he be exclusively with her all night.”
“I thought Isaac was in charge,” she stated sarcastically.
“Since when are men allowed to be in charge?” Ryan replied, causing her to laugh. Combing her fingers through her hair, Cat’s laughter faded, and her eyes became serious.
“I want to thank you for-” she began, her eyes widening as Ryan’s face moved closer to hers. Her eyes closed as their lips touched, first with the lightest of pressure and when she didn’t protest, he pulled her closer. Cat felt herself becoming light headed again.

So what we want from you is to spill the tea (truth or gossip) about your first kiss in the comments section. Obviously not as in depth as Carol, but just give us the quick details. One winner will be chosen from the comments to win a signed paperback copy of The Childe and a swag pack!

We invite you to visit all the blogs on the Sealed With a Kiss Valentine's hop for more chances to win. There's a giveaway each day on every blog after they give you their juicy first kiss details. Good luck everyone! ;)

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