Monday, June 27, 2011

Changing Perspectives

Hello Blogosphere,

So, we've been getting this question a lot lately, and thought what better place to answer it than on our very own shiny new blog ;) Alright, so here's the question: 'Why did you write The Childe the way you did?' Now our first instinct is to ask, 'well, what exactly do you mean by that?' This question is quite loaded, and there are many different answers that we could give. So we then ask them to narrow it down a bit. Then they clarify. 'You have a very interesting writing style. Why did you have the perspective switch from character to character at times, and why wasn't the story always focused on your main character Cat?' Well, we sit there and ponder this for a minute, and discuss amongst ourselves to really give a good solid answer. The conclusion we came to was simply this. We wrote The Childe this way because we wanted the reader to get a taste of all the things that were going on around our main character, that she wasn't aware of. We also wanted to flesh out our secondary characters, and make them more approachable by letting the reader get inside their heads as well (trying to not keep the reader always at an arms length away). We think one reviewer put it quite well:

"once I got used to this new style of writing, I was hooked! Not only did I really find that you could easily learn about ALL of the characters through this writing style, but it also added a whole new level of mystery to this book!" 
-Katelyn Torrey-
 Her Wonderful Blog >>>

This quote says exactly what we were going for with our writing style (we really couldn't have said it any better to be honest). Oh, and to all who have read our first novel, you can be rest assured that all the questions from the first book are indeed answered by the end of the second book :D 

Happy Reading,
C.A. Kunz (Carol and Adam Kunz)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our First Blog Hop!

Hello Blogosphere!

Well it was only a matter of time (once we started our blog) that we'd be involved in our...*drum roll*...FIRST BLOG HOP :D This blog hop though is a little different, and involves the promotion of our and several other authors new books. One author in particular, Angel Haze (who set up this whole event), is launching two novels. One is a thriller entitled Bloodletter, and the other is a YA fantasy entitled Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch. Here's a little synopsis of this wonderful HOP we're going to be a part of:

The blog hop runs from July 1st to July 30th. This is an international contest. To enter, just leave a comment on Angel's blog

There will be well over 50 books to giveaway (ebooks and paperback) which means there are lots of chances to win!

Here is a list of the participating authors:

Angel Haze


Lindsay Buroker

Reena Jacobs

Haresh Daswani

Jeffrey Martin

Lenore Wolfe

C.A. Kunz

Katie M John

There are a lot of great books here and we are super excited to be invovled with this great event. We hope you all join us for this and good luck, we wish you books! Happy Reading! ;D

P.S. We'll be hosting interviews, guest blog posts and teasers from these wonderful authors during the month of July. So do keep a lookout for those.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Random Musing by Mum and Of Course Some Tea :)

So here's just a quick note before I start my random musing of the day. Today I visited many wonderful blogs created by our lovely friends on Twitter. I was amazed at all the talent out there and we're truly lucky and humbled to be amongst you all! :D
Now, the reason for today's musing is  due to a 'blast from the past' I received in the form of a Facebook message from a girl I went to school with 41 years ago. Yes, I said 41 years ago. I'm not embarrased about my age, so why hide it. Anyway back to my friend from school. Fifteen years ago I would have probably never heard from her, since she lives in England and I reside in Florida. I spent one year at Prenton Secondary School in England while my dad, who was in the Air Force, was in Thailand. We lived with my grandparents and then came back to the states when he returned home. Since then I have moved nine times, once back to England, where I attended an American High School. The point I'm so trying to get to is that the odds of this woman finding me nowadays have heavily improved because of the fact technology has exploded during my lifetime. I'm just in awe and estatic that I live in a time where I can visit with so many people from my past by just one click of a button. Having moved constantly as a child I lost track of the friends I made during those short periods, and I feel blessed to be reunited with them. So enough of me, hope you enjoy our blog and we hope you come back to visit often. We'll think of some witty things to say, we promise. Love to All!! ;D       

Carol (The C of C.A. Kunz)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Musings With A Spot Of Tea

Hello Blogosphere!!!

So here we are, a mother and son author duo going through this whole publishing process with one book complete, and the second in the pipe, just itching to be edited :D The work we've put into getting our debut novel in to the hands of the general public has been very rewarding, and we definitely have Twitter, Facebook and our lovely Tweeps to thank for that! This whole process has been an amazing experience and one we wouldn't change for the world. Like all writers (we hope), we absolutely adore our characters and love our story way too much to just have them passed around to our friends and family. We want to share them with anyone who is willing to take the plunge into the world we've created.

Now, we're not going to go on and on about who, what, where, when, or how. All we will say is that, yes, we've taken a risk, and yes, we hope it pays off, but at the end of the day isn't it really only about doing what you love! Well I guess we, as well as many other authors, are on the right track because we all love to write! So we say to anyone out there that has an idea, put it on paper, and work through the dreaded writer's block! You never know what wonderful world you will stumble upon in that creative head of yours!