Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Childe Soundtrack Singles Are Available Now :D

Hello Everyone,

Today, is a very special day indeed! The first two singles that are going to appear on The Childe soundtrack are available now on iTunes and Amazon MP3 ;D We're so excited to debut these songs! The full album should be available in the coming months, probably around the time we release the 2nd book in The Childe series. Every song was inspired by the words of the 1st and 2nd novels, and cover a variety of genres including pop, dance, country, rock, r&b and classical. Our wonderful musician friend, Lee Wilson, is the producer on this whole project and has written all of the songs, with Adam's help on several of them. So plese check out the songs below, and do leave your comments about what you think of them! :D


C.A. Kunz
(Carol and Adam Kunz)  


  1. Awwww thanks Cherie! :D So glad you think they're cool! The song "Amber" is in reference to Cat's right Amber eye, and goes with the masquerade ball dance scene in our book. "I Am What I Am" is the love song for our two main characters (told through Cat's perspective), and Adam co-wrote it.