Sunday, August 12, 2012

Get Stranded With Hotties Scavenger Hunt! Our Guy Ryan Has Your Item

So here we are,  stranded on a beautiful tropical island...but it could be worse...lucky for us though, we're stuck here with a slew of fictional HOTTIES! Annnnnd each one has a 'gift' that's vital to our survival...well kind of vital. Okay, so while you're all fanning yourselves off from all the heat that sizzling from the blog today, we'll entertain you with a special guest post by none other than our favorite hot-blooded vampire from The Childe series, Ryan Bancroft! Take it away Ryan :D 

Okay, so I've never written a poem in MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE, so I'm not sure why I'm writing one now. Maybe it's because I'm trapped on an island and all I can think about is a certain girl. But please bare with me as I make an attempt at one dedicated to the ever-so-lovely, Cat Colvin. Oh, and if the words don't come out clear, it's probably because all I've got is a stick to write with, and A LOT of sand...

A Poem for Cat Colvin (AKA my Red Hot)
Catherine Colvin, where do I start
You rushed into my life and stole my heart
Your hair is curly, and wild
But it's one of the many reasons you fascinate me Childe

The color of your hair is like my favorite candy, Red Hot
Nothing about you is boring, definitely not
A sunny island paradise is not meant for us two
A moonlit beach is our perfect avenue

I was your tutor for a short while
I'm so glad math was not your style
Sitting next to you studying day in and day out
When the problems got hard, you never did pout (okay...maybe not too much)

Wow, I think I suck at this
But I hope this poem brings you bliss
A smile on your face is all I ask
Because for you I'd do any task



Awwww! How sweet, Ryan! That Cat Colvin is one lucky gal ;) So, thanks for taking the time to share that poem with us. We know you risked much teasing and torment by your Astoria High varsity football teammates by sharing that, but we really appreciate it!

No problem...hey wasn't I supposed to give a 'gift' out that would help if you were stranded on an island? 

Oh, yeah that's right you were. How could we forget about that. So what's your gift?

Well, like the poem, I want to give something that reminds me of Cat Colvin (It is my nickname for her after all). This item is something that I'd definitely want if I were stranded on an island (Oh wait I am *insert sarcasm*, hahaha)...a box of RED favorite candy!

The Rules:
·         Visit each blog starting today, August 13th, 2012.
·         Collect the 'gifts' from your favorite fictional hotties.
·         Complete the Rafflecopter entry form below, listing each 'gift' you picked up.
·         Oh, and cross your fingers! 

The Stops:
Laura Elliott 

The Grand Prize:
1 Kindle - Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
ecopies of:
Anathema, and Asylum (Causal Enchantment #1 & 2) ~K.A.Tucker
Dante's Girl ~ Courtney Cole
The Wild Ones ~ M.Leighton
Stained and Here ~ Ella James
Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) ~ Laura Elliott
The One ~Heather Self
The Childe & Dark Days ~ C.A.Kunz
Forever Changed ~ Tiffany King
Awaken & Echo of an Earth Angel ~ Sarah M. Ross
Inescapable ~ Amy Bartol
Audiobook of 13 on Halloween (Shadow Series #1) ~ Laura Elliott

Isn't that a FABULOUS prize pack! Well, don't forget to enter below and make sure to collect as many gifts as you can because that ups your chances of winning the GRAND PRIZE! Good Luck everyone and we wish you books ;)

Happy Reading,

C.A. Kunz
(Carol and Adam Kunz)
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