Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Random Musing by Mum and Of Course Some Tea :)

So here's just a quick note before I start my random musing of the day. Today I visited many wonderful blogs created by our lovely friends on Twitter. I was amazed at all the talent out there and we're truly lucky and humbled to be amongst you all! :D
Now, the reason for today's musing is  due to a 'blast from the past' I received in the form of a Facebook message from a girl I went to school with 41 years ago. Yes, I said 41 years ago. I'm not embarrased about my age, so why hide it. Anyway back to my friend from school. Fifteen years ago I would have probably never heard from her, since she lives in England and I reside in Florida. I spent one year at Prenton Secondary School in England while my dad, who was in the Air Force, was in Thailand. We lived with my grandparents and then came back to the states when he returned home. Since then I have moved nine times, once back to England, where I attended an American High School. The point I'm so trying to get to is that the odds of this woman finding me nowadays have heavily improved because of the fact technology has exploded during my lifetime. I'm just in awe and estatic that I live in a time where I can visit with so many people from my past by just one click of a button. Having moved constantly as a child I lost track of the friends I made during those short periods, and I feel blessed to be reunited with them. So enough of me, hope you enjoy our blog and we hope you come back to visit often. We'll think of some witty things to say, we promise. Love to All!! ;D       

Carol (The C of C.A. Kunz)

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  1. Sheilagh Lee said :that is lovely that you were able to catch up.Sometimes that can really help having facebook. A friend I went to school with who moved first to Buenos Aries and then Israel that I completely lost touched with recently got in touch with me through facebook.That was nice.