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Destiny Blog Tour

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To say that we're super excited right now would be an understatement. Want to know why? Well today's post marks the first post on the blog for an actual BLOG TOUR! :D Alright, so we may have done interviews with authors and hosted a couple of guest posts, but we've never been an official stop for a blog tour...until now! So, you know how they say "when it rains, it pours," well we're going to be a stop for two other blog tours this month as well, hahaha! The first blog tour up is for Mireille Chester's conclusion to her Chosen One trilogy, Destiny. Now, without further ado, here's our review of Destiny:

Goodreads Description:  

Rainen looked up in time to see my horse come crashing into the ground just a few feet away from her. Her eyes widened as she gazed into the sky.

“Hayden! Shield!”
I threw my shield out to cover everyone who was closest to me. I felt my energy touch Rainen’s and I glanced at her before looking up to see what had made the screeching sound in the sky. My first thought was about dropping my shield and to welcome the dragon flying over us. My second thought was that this was no dragon. The creature in question had to be to same size as Faren, the fire dragon I was bonded to, who was about thirty feet long. Well, the same length as Faren. Whatever this was it was lacking the bulk of a dragon. It looked more like a snake with wings and ten sets of legs. It was covered from head to tail in oily looking brown feathers.
I felt the push of magic come from up above and I pushed against it with my own. The energy receded as the creature flew past us. I started to pull back my shield and felt Rainen doing the same. The screeching sound came again. Rainen swore under her breath.

As the final battle draws near, Hayden must deal with personal loss, unexpected good news, and the usual attempts on her life. Was the prophecy right and can she do everything that is expected of her? Can she go through with her plan when just one mistake could wipe out everyone she loves?


So what do the titles Crossover, Journey, and Destiny all have in common? Give up? Well, they’re the three books in The Chosen One Trilogy written by the BRILLANT Mireille Chester. We first met Mireille months ago when we began our Twitter Addiction and immediately bonded with her. Our Canadian friend is such an amazing woman! Not only is she an awesome storyteller who keeps your attention from the first page to the last, but she’s also in the process of raising three children and is married to a wonderful guy who travels a lot for his job.

A couple of months back we won a giveaway for Mireille’s first two books in her trilogy Crossover and Journey, and were ecstatic. Carol began reading Crossover immediately and really couldn’t put it down. She kept saying how grateful she was that she had the 2nd book, Journey, on her bookshelf to read right after she finished the last sentence of Crossover. While reading Journey though, unfortunately Carol and her hubby Bob had to move to be closer to their parents, and Carol’s copy of Journey was lost in a sea of boxes.  A couple weeks after the move though, Carol’s mum had surgery, so the boxes had to wait to be unpacked. Carol had to learn patience, something she has a lot of, but when it comes to books seems to fly out the window. The moment she dove back into finishing Journey, she had it read in a matter of days and was chewing her fingernails waiting for the coveted ARC copy of Destiny to arrive via email. When she received Destiny, it was instantly downloaded to her Kindle. Then, as she does with all awesome books, she proceeded to lose herself in the truly wonderful world Mireille has created. Now on to Carol’s review of Destiny:

First of all I have to say that even though I may be an author, I’m not a professional book reviewer or even a good Book Blogger (that’s my son’s job, hahaha!). I’m just a mom that thoroughly enjoys reading and writing. So, now that’s out of the way here’s my review of Mireille Chester’s AMAZING conclusion to her Chosen One Trilogy, Destiny. If you haven’t read the first two books Crossover and Journey, I highly recommend you do so. I found myself completely immersed from the first page to the last of both books and Destiny was no exception. By this book I was very familiar with the characters and felt like I had known them all my life. So, when tragedy fell upon some of them, I found tears rolling down my face feeling like I had lost a part of my family. The world Mireille has created is AWESOME, and her stories are so believable that I found myself reminding myself that it’s just a story…or is it? While reading this series you will definitely fall in love with all of her characters, especially the main two Hayden and Jasper who have a love bond that many would wish to have. You can literally feel the love pouring from the pages and their love for the others in their circle of friends and family is abundant throughout.  The ‘bad guys’ really made me angry with their narrow and narcissistic views, and I often wished I could crawl into the pages and join the fight.  Mireille’s books also send a very important message; we may all look different on the outside, but we’re all the same on the inside. I only wish the ignorant people who don’t think so, would wake up and get a life. I’m not going to give any spoilers since I want you all to read the books and form your own ideas and opinions. I will say though that if you love fantasy, adventure, and romance, these books are right up your alley. Take a plunge into Hayden and Jasper’s world, you will not be disappointed!

Here are a few links that are definitely worth checking out:

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So, if that wasn't enough...we've also got a sneak peek into the novel! Thank you so much Mireille for writing such a wonderful trilogy and for offering us a look into your art :D

Outside, someone was fighting.

I heard an animal running, a grunt of pain and a man’s dying scream.  Even from in the tent I could hear the bones breaking.  There was a moment of silence and whatever was in the clearing charged again.  This time the man’s scream was long and tortured.  It cut off abruptly.

“Look, go in the tent!  Take the one you want!”  That sounded like my second abductor.  A man’s footsteps could be heard running away from the tent.  By the sounds of it, he didn’t get far.

“What is it?” Garth asked from on the ground.  Jenna lay still under him, turning blue from the pressure of his hand on her neck.

“I don’t know!”  My abductor pushed me to the back of the tent where I fell to the ground.  Garth scrambled to his feet and stood beside his friend, dagger drawn.  I went to kneel beside Jenna and let out a sigh of relief as color flooded back to her face.

“If you think you’re so tough, why don’t you shift and settle this man to man?”  I had to hand it to the fourth man outside; after seeing his friends picked off one by one he was showing a lot of spunk.  Everyone in the tent listened intently to see what would happen.  Someone groaned and the sound of a person hitting the ground could be heard.  There was a loud hiss of pain, a gasp, and the sound of a fist connecting with a nose.  This was followed by a gasp and an airless grunt which I recognized as the sound of a dagger going into someone’s diaphragm.

Garth and his friend looked at each other and we all looked to the tent opening, wondering who or what was going to come walking in.

The blonds in the corner gasped and screamed at the sight of the bloodied man as he came charging into the tent.  Jasper’s sky blue eyes locked with mine and even I was shocked.  He looked wild and out of control.  It was almost as if he had shifted but was still in his human form.  He blinked, took a deep breath, and honed in on the men standing in front of me.  I got to look him over for a fraction of a second.  His tunic was ripped and soaked with blood.  I wasn’t sure if it was his or not.  His nose had been broken and his leg was bleeding.

With speed that surprised even me, he threw his dagger at Garth who grunted in surprise as it dug itself to the hilt into his belly.  I threw myself at the second man, knocking him to the ground from behind.  Jenna was a fraction of a second behind me.  Her foot connected with his face with a sickening crunch.

Somewhere behind us, Garth screamed.  I looked back and found Jasper pulling his dagger from one side of the blond man’s stomach to the other.  He pulled it out with one swift movement and slashed it against the human’s throat.  He seemed to fight to get himself under control and focused on the man lying under me and Jenna.

She gave me a questioning look and I stepped back a few paces.  She followed suit.  Without a word, Jasper stalked to the last human alive in camp, pulled his head up by the hair and slit his throat with one fluid motion.

I waited while he rocked back on his heels, took a deep breath then turned his attention to me.  We gazed at each other for a moment.  The wild look left his eyes and I gave him a half grin.

“Your nose is broken.”  I was rewarded with a perfect smile.

“But I still have all my teeth.”  He got up and pulled me to my feet before crushing me to his chest.  “By the moons, Shlova, I’m starting to think that maybe you get taken on purpose!”

There you have it! Now, what are you all waiting for? Definitely give this series a try, because it's so easy to fall in love with it! :D 

Oh, and please make sure to stop by these two wonderful blogs tomorrow for the last two posts of the tour:  

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